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About Susan Roos

Hello, I’m Susan Roos, REALTOR® licensed in Arizona. I work with buyers and sellers of residential real estate throughout Yavapai County.

I have been helping people solve their most basic problem of where to live since 2006.

The most rewarding thing about my job is seeing the smile of satisfaction on my clients’ faces when they’re able to move into the home of their dreams. I’m proud to help them achieve their real estate goals, and I’m excited to help them establish themselves among the communities I love.

When people find the place that resonates with them, something happens. They befriend their neighbors, their kids play together, and the wives connect over their families and their neighborhood. 

When their kids grow up, they often find themselves settling in the same or similar neighborhoods with their own families.

So, if you need a local real estate professional to help you find the best home to fit your wants and needs, or need someone to help you earn maximum value on a quick home sale, allow me to help!